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Billy & Bella are an American singer-song writer duo which layer influences of folk-rock and dream-pop with lush songwriting to create a sound reminiscent of pre-Millennial Southwestern neo-psychedelia. Originally formed in Florida, Billy & Bella now call New Mexico their home.

Echoes of vintage American Rock & Roll can be heard in their music, the tones of which would sound right at home if pulsing through a Silvertone transistor radio placed in the desert on a star-lit night.
Southwestern imagery speckles their music to symbolize varying aspects of the human condition that span the range of nostalgia, reality, and dreams, mixed-in with the southwestern gothic themes of their new home state.

Fundamentally, the duo pairs Billy Daely’s sultry electric guitar leads and lilting tenor vocal harmonies, with Bella Roux’s roots-rock rhythm guitar and warm contralto, for a rich musical experience of complementary contrasts. 

Billy & Bella’s live performances encompass a range of musical expression, from mellow acoustic performances, to amplified duo performances accompanied by electronic drum beats, to a full rock setup with a guest drummer and bassist.

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